general counsel services

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business set up

Start with a solid framework. We walk you through entity, equity and funding options, management possibilities, and potential tax consequences, and draft and help you keep up with your corporate formalities. We meet with your partners and draft and negotiate the ownership agreements, leases, software subscriptions, and contractor agreements you need to launch. We help you think through your business plan and connect you with knowledgeable people in our network. We can also help you think through your budget and starting operational needs such as insurance, personnel, payroll, and vendor arrangements. One size does not fit all.

ongoing operations

Protect against costly missteps. We learn your business so that our advice makes sense company-wide, in all regions. We craft regulatory compliance programs that account for domestic and foreign law, as well as corporate and personnel policies. We implement programs and agreements to protect your trade secrets and intellectual property. We review marketing materials, websites, and product plans, and assist with tariff and/or privacy strategies. We help you address personnel issues, and we draft and negotiate contracts for every need. We represent you in investigations, audits, and administrative proceedings, and can oversee your litigation defense. Be agile in business, and proactive.

expansion and financing

Navigate growth with confidence. We help you identify and evaluate the risks of expanding into new markets, developing new products or services, or entering into joint ventures, and we negotiate and draft the documents that make your deals happen. We pen thoughtful compensation and incentive plans to attract the help you need to grow. We prepare and represent your business in loans and other secured transactions, and throughout investment rounds. Be positioned for opportunities.

buy, sell and exits

Plan and secure success. Whether preparing for the next generation of leadership, acquiring or merging a business, or closing down a division or the whole shop, we provide representation throughout. We develop and draft succession plans and buy/sell agreements, provide comprehensive counsel and negotiation throughout M&A transactions, and guide you through reductions-in-force or the wind-down and dissolution processes. Achieve your end game.